WE Are Crazy About Python

If you want to know us it is enough to check our linkedIn
but here I give you a short summery:
The Faral team have about 20 real members which 4 of theme are the main members (senior). you can easly see their pictures and their positions exactly beside of this paragraph.
but as I mentioned we are a great great family. every day we have some chalenges to improve our selves and make a solution for all programming non-solved problems.
we are all developers but we are human. we get angry sometimes, we would be happy (always), we quarrel with each other and make it up, we kill each other :|
yea... some one broke my iMac monitor and I killd him but finally I revived him ;)
that handsome guy with original sun glassess is who wrote this text. you can hover all pictures and see all the positions.